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Painful musculoskeletal conditions are treated by trained and experienced osteopaths at The Allerton Health Centre clinic located in Liverpool. Referrals are accepted from local GP practices and hospitals by the team at the clinic. Patients of all…

Norma Rodgers MA, PG DipAc, MBAcC  is owner of  Liverpool Acupuncture Clinic. Norma is known for her warmth and down to earth approach and says that one of the most rewarding features of her work is seeing the positive transformation in patients…

Anne Tansley has been a Specialist Consultant Breast Surgeon at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital since 2006. She qualified in 1992 at the Liverpool Medical School and completed her training in the Mersey Region until taking up specialist…

Mr Chandrashekar graduated from Mysore University in 1989 and was awarded Master’s in surgery, post-graduate qualification in Surgery by Bangalore University in 1992.